Foods that Ayurveda recommends avoiding due to their inflammatory properties

2/27/20241 min read

pizza on white ceramic plate
pizza on white ceramic plate

Inflammation is a word often heard when talking about health. It's a sign that something might not be right in your body. It can be linked to many health problems like heart diseases, asthma, arthritis, skin issues, cancer, and even feeling down or having trouble with your immune system.

In simple terms, inflammation seems to be connected to almost every illness, from the common cold to more serious diseases like cancer.

In Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine, fire is seen as very important. It's like the engine that keeps your body running smoothly. Fire helps you digest food, get energy from it, and get rid of waste. But sometimes, this fire can get too strong in the wrong places, causing inflammation and making you sick.

Ayurveda says inflammation is a sign that something's not right with the "Pitta Dosha," which is one of three energies in your body. You can help control or even fix this problem by changing what you eat and do every day, as well as taking certain supplements.

When it comes to what you eat, there are three foods that can make inflammation worse if you have them often.

First is curd, which might be surprising. It's considered heavy and heating in Ayurveda. That means it could make toxins build up in your body and block your channels, which isn't good if you want to stay healthy.

Then, there's black gram, another heavy heating food. Eating too much can make two of the three body energies, Kapha and Pitta, go out of balance. So, it's best not to eat it all the time.

Finally, there's eggplant. It's thought to be unhealthy and cause inflammation. Eating it too often might block your channels, which isn't good for your body.

If you're generally healthy, exercise regularly, and have good digestion, you can have these foods sometimes. But if you're dealing with health issues, imbalanced energies, bad habits, or poor digestion, it's best to stay away from them.