5 Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Eyes

2/27/20242 min read

person holding eyeglasses with black frames
person holding eyeglasses with black frames

Your eyes are super important—they let you see and understand the world around you. But sometimes, we make mistakes that can hurt our eyes. Here are five things to avoid if you want to keep your eyes healthy:

1. Using Warm Water to Wash Your Eyes

When it comes to washing your eyes, using warm water might seem like a good idea, but it's actually not great. See, your eyes have a special energy called Pitta, which can get out of balance if they get too warm. So, instead of warm water, use water that's room temperature or even cold to keep your eyes feeling fresh.

2. Not Blinking Often Enough

Blinking is like a natural way for your eyes to stay moist and comfy. But when we're busy staring at screens, we forget to blink as much as we should. And when you don't blink enough, your eyes can start feeling dry and tired. So, try to remember to blink more often, especially when you're looking at screens.

3. Using Too Many Artificial Eye Drops

Sure, eye drops can help keep your eyes feeling good, but using them too much can actually make things worse. They might make your eyes feel even drier and irritated over time. Instead, you can try using special Ayurveda-recommended eye drops that have oil in them. They're better for your eyes in the long run.

4. Using Warm Sleep Masks and Hot Packs

You might think that using a warm eye mask or a hot pack would help relax your eyes, but it can actually cause problems. If the mask is too tight, it can make your vision blurry. Plus, the material it's made of might bother some people's eyes. It's better to let your eyes have some space to breathe while you sleep. And if you need something for your eyes, try using a cold pack instead of a hot one, especially if you have an infection or a stye—it can make things worse.

5. Rubbing Your Eyes

We all do it—it feels good to rub our eyes when they're tired or itchy. But rubbing your eyes can actually hurt them. See, your eyes have a thin layer that protects them, called the conjunctiva. When you rub your eyes really hard, you can push dirt or dust deeper into them, or even hurt the cornea—the clear part at the front of your eye. Instead of rubbing, try splashing some cold water on your face to give your eyes a break. It's much safer and feels just as refreshing.